Nutrition Coaching

You are ready to take action towards Optimal health, Wellness and Happiness

That is why you are here right?!

It is much easier having a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach by your side. Let me hold your hand, each step along the way to a healthier and happier you. My services include individual consultations, family consultations, and more. Each service, is tailored specifically to your desired health and wellness goals.

My coaching program will help you:

  • overcome self doubt, low self esteem, bad body image and unhealthy eating habits

  • improve overall health and wellness

  • achieve your health and wellness goals

  • achieve better weight control

  • reduce medical expenses

  • improve brain health and moods

  • achieve a more active, energetic and happier life!

The A.M.E.N Health and Nutrition coaching program runs for three months or six months initially, and can be extended based on your needs and goals. The program covers the following aspects and much more…

Smart Shopping

Learn the secrets to identifying healthy foods choices while shopping with confidence. Get personalized attention during this fun shopping trip.

Individual and Family Consultations

Accomplish your health and wellness goals during this personal at-home consultation, which will be tailored to your specific health and wellness needs, and body type. Receive practical health and wellness tools which will lead to optimal health and wellness for you and your family.

Pantry Makeovers

This interactive family orientated home consultation is so much fun! You and your family will learn how to read nutrition labels, healthier food choices, healthy and tasty cooking, shopping tips, and more!

Online Consultations

Have access to a personal health and nutrition coach while learning from the comfort of your home! Learn fun and easy ways to improve your overall health, mood, weight, focus and energy.

Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle on a tight budget.

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